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Sol Badguy is the protagonist of the Guilty Gear series. He utilizes a blistering offense to take down his foes. This guide will give players the tools to begin brawling as Sol Badguy in Guilty Gear Strive. Sol is listed as a balanced character in Guilty Gear Strive. His well rounded attacks give players options in every type of encounter possible in Guilty Gear Strive.

Upcomer’s Guilty Gear Strive character guides use numpad notation. Numpad notation is a universal form of notating fighting game inputs that is able to go past language barriers. It is based off numpads that can be found on a computer keyboard. Five is the joystick at neutral and the numbers branch out from there. For example 236 would translate to down, down-forward, forward in numpad notation.

Guilty Gear Strive inputs

Guilty Gear Strive Input NameShorthand
Heavy SlashHS

Sol Badguy command normals

Move NameInputDescription
Command Normal 16PSol’s first command normal is a short forward jab. This move has upper body invincibility making it a good move to counter jump-ins and aerial attacks.
Command Normal 26SSol Swipes his sword forward. This attack moves the character slightly forward as he swings and has good range, making it a good mid-range poke.
Command Normal 36HSSol slams his sword downward at his opponent. This move has a fast start up and works as a good punish against an opponent who has whiffed an attack. Whiffing this attack, however, will leave Sol vulnerable.

Sol Badguy special attacks

Move NameInputDescription
Gun Flame236PA close range projectile sent on the ground. While the move does not have much reach, if the opponent blocks the move at the edge of it’s range, it leaves Sol with the advantage
Gun Flame (Feint)214PA feint that does the same animation as Gun Flame. No fire appears and the move recovers much faster. It is good for punishing an opponent who is trying to punish your Gun Flame.
Volcanic Viper623S or 623HS (Air OK)Sol’s dragon punch. This move is invincible on start up and is a great anti-air attack. The HS version is stronger but has a longer recovery. The move cannot be roman canceled out of on whiff.
Bandit Revolver236K (Air OK)Sol lunges forward with a series of kicks. This move is good at closing distance between Sol and an opponent. Bandit Revolver is fast and usable in combos.
Bandit Bringer214K (Air OK)An overhead strike that sends Sol hurling towards his opponent. This move is good at getting over an opponents pokes and cannot be blocked while crouching. The aerial version can be delayed by holding down K.
Wild Throw623KSol’s command grab. This move does a lot of damage but will whiff unless players are right next to their opponent, leaving them wide open.
Night Raid Vortex214SSol glides across the screen, delivering a rising blow to his opponent. This moves launches on hit and can be a great way to start off a combo. The distance that Sol travels can be extended by holding down the button.
Fafnir41236HSSol moves forward with a strong punch. This move cannot be canceled into but has quick recovery and leaves Sol with advantage on block, making it a great poke.

Sol Badguy Overdrives

Move NameInputDescription
Tyrant Rave632146HSSol powers up his fist to deliver a quick and mighty blow. The move has fast start up and is invincible. This overdrive can also be included as a combo finisher for big damage
Heavy Mob Cemetery214214HSSol lunges forward and grabs his opponent. Sol has armor that can go through any attack while doing this move and it does a ton of damage. The overdrive cannot be canceled into from a normal move, so it cannot be included in combos.

Josh Petrofsky is an aspiring journalist currently studying at San Diego State. Josh is a San Diego local of 10 years and is the current Fighting Game Coordinator and former President of Aztec Gaming, San Diego State's video game and esports club. During his downtime Josh like to relax by playing Apex Legends or watching old WCW shows from the 1990s.