Hero banned from Nintendo France Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament
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Fighting game tournaments sometimes ban certain characters from tournament play. According to reports, Nintendo France has banned the Hero from Dragon Quest from use in their upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament. Why the ban? It’s probably the fact that Hero has an additional set of moves all governed by RNG (randomness), and some of those moves are especially powerful. Some perceive him to be an unfair and/or unbalanced opponent for these reasons. Either way, the ban is a done deal, so competitors will have to make do without him. Use of Hero has been a hotly debated topic in the Smash Bros. tournament scene, and now Nintendo themselves in France made a decision.

You can still use other DLC characters

The good news is that the other DLC fighters — Piranha Plant, Joker, and Banjo-Kazooie — are legal, so feel free to continue using them. It’s been reported that future unreleased DLC characters are also banned alongside Hero though. He hasn’t even been out that long, only making his debut this past July. It’s surprising how fast Nintendo France acted on this. We have another DLC fighter, Terry Bogard from SNK’s King of Fighters, due out soon, as well as a fifth unknown character. But don’t forget that Nintendo in their last Nintendo Direct stated they would be adding more DLC fighters beyond the five they had already planned.

Speculation is endless about who else might end up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Many are still pleading for the inclusion of Waluigi, while at least one meme jokes for Bomberman’s inclusion. Whoever they turn out to be, we hope they are not banned from tournament use.

What do current Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans and active tournament players think? Do you feel it’s to keep things fair or do you think all DLC characters should be legal?