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Heroes of the Storm just revealed that Hogger will be entering the Nexus. An infamous gnoll from the World of Warcraft universe, Hogger has a reputation of being the scourge of Elwynn Forest.

In Heroes of the Storm, he is a mid-range bruiser whose basic abilities deal area damage. This allows him to gain the advantage when it comes to close-quarters combat. His other strengths include crowd control and burst damage, while his weaknesses are mobility and poke damage.

Hogger's Staggering Blow ability in Heroes of the Storm.
Hogger’s Staggering Blow ability

Hogger’s first basic ability is Staggering Blow [Q], which consists of using his ball-and-chain weapon to both damage and knock enemies back. When an enemy player gets knocked into terrain, they would become stunned and take additional damage. Meanwhile, Hogger himself would reduce his basic ability cooldowns through Rage.

Heroes of the Storm Hogger Ez-Thro Dynamite ability
Hogger’s Ez-Thro Dynamite ability

Ez-Thro Dynamite [W] is Hogger’s next Heroes of the Storm ability, which launches a boot full of explosives to a target location. After a few moments, the boot explodes and slows enemies within its blast radius. If the boot gets directly launched at an enemy hero, then the explosion is immediate and Hogger will gain Rage.

Hogger's Hogg Wild ability in Heroes of the Storm.
Hogger’s Hogg Wild ability

As for Hogg Wild [E], it lets Hogger bounce off terrain, wreak havoc, and deal area damage to those in his path of destruction. Players can take advantage of Hogger’s increased Rage with this ability in order to increase damage output as well.

Hogger's Hoardapult heroic ability in Heroes of the Storm.
Hogger’s Hoardapult heroic ability

Hogger’s first heroic ability, Hoardapult [R1], lets him throw himself and a Loot Hoard for area damage. The Loot Hoard also provides him with meat that will heal him. This ability can also be continued with his Loot Hoard [D] trait in order to trap opponents.

Hogger's Shockwave heroic ability in Heroes of the Storm.
Hogger’s Shockwave heroic ability

Shockwave [R2] is the other available heroic ability. When activated, Hogger hits the ground with his weapon and a line of force is created by the impact. Enemies who get caught in the slam and the aftershock become stunned, allowing Hogger to have devastating crowd and zone control.

Hogger was first teased as Heroes of the Storm’s newest playable character over on Twitter prior to the official announcement and spotlight trailer.

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