How has Pokemon GO changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak?

Pokemon Go makes more changes due to the coronavirus

As we know, Pokemon GO is a game that is played outdoors. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic has left many people unable to leave their homes. Niantic previously introduced some changes to the game and upcoming community event due to the coronavirus. Now, alterations to the mobile game will allow players to play from home.

How has Pokemon GO changed?

Pokemon GO‘s initial changes are as follows:

Further Pokemon GO updates

Additionally, Niantic has introduced more changes to Pokemon GO in response to COVID-19. The main focus of the changes were to allow players to gain items and XP without having to go outside. This was announced via the Pokemon GO Twitter page. Here, developers are now urging fans to check often for further updates that may be rolled out.

The new changes allow fans to continue with the game in these difficult circumstances. The ability to open a total of 30 gifts a day and store 20 gives players an opportunity to gain a lot of items. Additionally, the 3X stardust multiplier and the Daily Pokemon Catch bonus XP allows players to keep leveling up their trainer.

The Pokemon GO developers have stated that these features will be available until further notice. As it is unknown when these features will be disabled, it is important to take advantage of them now.

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