How to achieve the optimal settings for Pokémon UNITE
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Pokémon UNITE is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena that was introduced by The Pokémon Company on July 20. In order to have the best gameplay experience possible, we at Upcomer are here to provide the optimal settings for Pokémon UNITE.

How to find the Settings menu in Pokémon UNITE

Players can simply press X on the home screen of Pokémon UNITE to start finding the optimal settings. Once in Settings, they can click on System Settings and set the Frame Rate to High. This is important because lower frame rates will eat up inputs, causing them to not come out. The rest of the system settings are more to do with preference.

Optimal control settings in Pokémon UNITE

An important part of the game would be Lock-On priority. Set this to “Lowest Remaining HP (Percent)”. This will allow a player to properly focus down targets one at a time, instead of constantly changing targets.

optimal settings for Pokémon UNITE
Lock on settings. | Provided by Nintendo

In order to differentiate between Wild Pokemon and Opposing players, players can set the Attack Controls to the “Advanced Controls” option. In order to manually change targets, they can set “Lock-On Icon” to On.

optimal settings for Pokémon UNITE
Lock on settings. | Provided by Nintendo

Just like most MOBAs, it is advised that players switch off “Automatic Basic Attacks” in order to have more control over their last hitting. Also, they should set “In Motion Pursuit Mode” to Off. Leaving it on makes it so that a player’s character will run towards the nearest enemy when inputting a move, even if they are out of range. Having this turned on will be more of a detriment and it certainly isn’t part of the optimal settings.

optimal settings for Pokémon UNITE
Auto attacks off. | Provided by Nintendo

Camera-based controls

Players should set both “Camera Follows Moves” and “Move Aim Follows Movement Direction” to On. These settings allow the player to follow the abilities that are thrown out. They should set Move Aim Snaps to Nearby Targets to “Off” so that the game does not automatically choose your targets for abilities. Additionally, they should set their “Move Learning Controls” to Single Button. This is so that they can easily level up abilities, instead of having to press two buttons simultaneously. Finally, players should set the Camera Sensitivity to the highest setting. Moving the camera is incredibly important in a MOBA game.

optimal settings for Pokémon UNITE
Camera control settings Pokémon UNITE. | Provided by Nintendo

Lastly, there are Aim Assist settings that can vary with each player’s experience playing MOBAs. If players are new and aren’t used to skill shots, it would be recommended to set them Smart Assist. The player can change the specific Smart Assist settings as they see fit.

Ultimately, these optimal settings should enhance a player’s game play in Pokémon UNITE.

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