How to build a Star Guardian Sorcerer team in TFT
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After the most recent Teamfight Tactics (TFT) patch, Star Guardian Sorcerers are stronger than ever. This team uses the bonus from having six Star Guardian and four Sorcerer units to do damage from spells. Here are the best strategies for building this team composition.


The main six Champions this team composition uses are the six Star Guardians.

  • Poppy (Star Guardian/Vanguard) – 1 Gold
  • Zoe (Star Guardian/Sorcerer) – 1 Gold
  • Ahri (Star Guardian/Sorcerer) – 2 Gold
  • Syndra (Star Guardian/Sorcerer) – 3 Gold
  • Neeko (Star Guardian/Protector) – 3 Gold
  • Soraka (Star Guardian/Mystic) – 4 Gold

Having six Star Guardians in TFT grants a total of 60 mana spread out between other Star Guardian units each time a Star Guardian unit casts a spell. This means that each unit will be able to cast more spells and deal more damage.


Since you will have three sorcerers among your Star Guardian units, you will want to find at least one more from another class. Here are your best options.

  • Xerath (Dark Star/Sorcerer) – 5 Gold
  • Vel’Koz (Void/Sorcerer) – 4 Gold
  • Lux (Dark Star/Sorcerer) – 3 Gold

You can also choose Twisted Fate, although he is a slightly weaker option than these three. If you can get at least a two-star Vel’Koz or Lux, it will be more valuable than a one-star unit. Once you have seven Champions, you can try to get to level eight and add another Sorcerer or Vanguard to help protect your Sorcerers.

Strategy and items

One of the appeals of playing a Star Guardian team in TFT is that they are very easy to build and manage. In the early game, look for Poppy, Zoe, and Ahri. Begin to look for the rest of the units in the mid-game. Make sure not to pass on other Sorcerer units either, as they may come in handy later. Prioritize getting Syndra and Ahri to three-star units.

When positioning your units, put Poppy and Neeko in the front row, and the Sorcerers in the back row. As for items, try to get two Tear of the Goddesses to form a Seraph’s Embrace to give to Syndra. If you can get a Seraph’s Embrace, a Jeweled Gauntlet, and another AP or mana item on Syndra, she will be able to tear up enemy TFT teams.

If you get an early Tear of the Goddess or Needlessly Large Rod, it might be a good idea to consider making a Star Guardian team. However, don’t forget to check up on what others are building and adapt to your situation!