How to change the in-game chat text color in VALORANT
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VALORANT has a variety of in-game options to communicate with teammates and enemies alike. The ping system, in-game voice lines and the chat function all play a part in VALORANT’s communication system. The in-game chat function has the ability to spice up in-game messages and add a little more flavor to you teammate communication or enemy taunts. VALORANT’s in-game chat color can change thanks to various text tags.

The color changing chat in VALORANT was found and popularized by TickTock user @pump1131.

What tags to use for the different chat colors in VALORANT

The in-line code for changing the text’s color is fairly straight forward. Players need to type in the specific text type that brings up the specific color in-game. For example the enemy tag is red and the notification tag is green. The change is within the text tag, players can add multiple tags for various colors in one text as well.

The specific characters needed and their corresponding text type are as follows:

  • <enemy> red </>
  • <team> blue </>
  • <system> yellow </>
  • <notification> green </>
  • <warning> purple </>
  • <whisper> also purple </>
  • <self> light yellow </>
VALORANT color change chat
Provided by Riot Games

Players can also use this to trick teammates and enemies as the color change occurs on their end as well. Players can send a fake surrender message, pretend to be chatting with a teammate as a private message or fake a notification for the enemy. There are dozens of possible uses for this newly discovered VALORANT feature outside of adding flavor to communication and enemy chatter.

There are also emojis and other graphics that the VALORANT chat can display. Theses chat changes involve alt codes using the alt key and a combination of numbers put into the chat box. Riot Games has not made a statement on whether this will continue to be in the game or if it is intended. For now, players have free reign to use the color changing codes and emojis at their convenience.

Declan is an esports journalist and part-time editor for Upcomer. He is an avid gamer and League of Legends player. You can find him at the bottom of the leaderboard in most games or on Twitter.