How to earn the Marathon medal in COD Mobile Season 6
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COD Mobile Season 6 requires players to go for a wide array of in-game medals. The required medals can either be in the multiplayer or battle royale mode but all of them are a challenge to earn. The latest medal that has players confused is the Marathon medal; a required task in the new event Hikers Havoc.

The event rewards players with a few different in-game cosmetics and other items. However, players are struggling to get past the fifth task in the challenge set; earning a Marathon medal just one time. Luckily, once players have read the steps below, they shouldn’t have any trouble jumping over this hurdle.

Earning a Marathon medal in COD Mobile

The description for the Marathon medal is as follows, as per the COD Mobile achievement list:

  • Run more than 2,000 meters in the battle royale mode (Excluding Warfare Mode)

This means that players need to sprint a total of 2,000 meters in a single COD Mobile battle royale match. This is no small feat, as 2,000 meters while sprinting takes quite a long time. Also, the threat of getting shot by an enemy is ever-present when going for the Marathon medal.

Marathon Medal in COD Mobile
The Marathon medal description. | Provided by Activision

Players must head into the regular battle royale map in Solos to complete this challenge. Once in a match, they must wait until the last possible moment to jump from the plane and land somewhere on the edge of the map. Players can loot up for a bit but they’ll need to get a move on as quickly as possible. The loot is simply for any enemy that tries to shoot the player’s way.

After this, it’s a matter of sprinting to wherever the circle is. Players must run along the edge of the map if possible. This lowers the chances of being spotted by an enemy. If players are already in the circle, they can do some laps from one edge of the zone to the other.

Once players have successfully run 2,000 meters, the Marathon medal will pop at the top of the screen. This signifies that a player has earned the medal and completed the Hikers Havoc challenge in COD Mobile. The challenge rewards players with the Mosaic ATV and 3,000 Battle Pass XP.

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