How to find Fort Crumpet for the Knightly Crimson color in Fortnite
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The Fort Crumpet location may be new to many Fortnite players but, for those that want to upgrade their Toona Fish skin with colors in Fortnite Season 8, they’re going to learn about this location in short order. The unnamed POI is where players can find the Color Bottles for Knightly Crimson. This turns Toona Fish into the same color as the Crimson Knight and is already a popular choice amongst players.

Below, players can find out where Fort Crumpet is in Fortnite and how to find its Color Bottles to unlock Knightly Crimson.

Finding Fort Crumpet in Fortnite

Fort Crumpet is located to the northwest of Believer Beach on the Season 8 map. The location is marked by three red squares on the map itself. Players should be able to land at Believer Beach, where they can grab some gear and make their way to Fort Crumpet.

Fort Crumpet in Fortnite
The location of Fort Crumpet on the Season 8 map. | Provided by Epic Games

Once players have arrived at the fort, they can begin looking for the Knightly Crimson Color Bottles.

Finding Knightly Crimson Color Bottles

As with every other location, there are three Color Bottles that players must find to unlock the Toona Fish color:

  • Just inside the entrance’s small room by the parking lot with two cars
  • In the center of the location, one flight up the wooden tower on a platform
  • Inside of a room at the southern part of the fort

After players have their three Color Bottles, Knightly Crimson becomes unlocked for Toona Fish. Players can access it through the locker and the “Edit” section for the Toona Fish skin.

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