How to find Mount F8 for the Stone Grey color in Fortnite
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Mount F8 in Fortnite Season 8 is home to the Stone Grey Color Bottles for Toona Fish. The Color Bottles are used to upgrade Toona Fish by unlocking various colors for it to don in-game. There are 21 colors in total and three different Color Bottles players need to find at various locations to unlock each one. Some of the locations are places that players know, like Retail Row. However, others are spots that players have never heard of, like Rainbow Rentals and Mount F8.

At each location, whether it be a named POI or not, there are three Color Bottles hidden. The three bottles don’t need to be found in a single match but players have to find the location they’re visiting before anything. Below, players can see where Mount F8 is in Fortnite so that they can unlock the Stone Grey color for Toona Fish.

Finding Mount F8 in Fortnite

Players looking for Mount F8 will want to land at Misty Meadows out of the Battle Bus. From here, they can stock up on weapons and gear before venturing out to find the Color Bottles. This ensures that players aren’t surprised and killed by any enemy looking for the bottles as well.

Players can find Mount F8 just south of Misty Meadows, on top of the snowy mountain and next to the satellite station.

Finding Stone Grey Color Bottles in Fortnite

Once players are at Mount F8, they can begin looking for the Color Bottles. They’re spread out around the mountaintop, so it will take a few minutes to find all three. The locations of the bottles are seen below.

Fortnite Mount F8 Color Bottles
The locations of the three Color Bottles at Mount F8. | Provided by Epic Games

After players have found all three Color Bottles, the Stone Grey color will become available for Toona Fish in their Fortnite locker.

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