How to find the Recon Scanner in Fortnite Season 8
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There’s a new NPC on the Fortnite Season 8 map named Wrath. Epic Games added the NPC in last night’s update, bringing the non-playable character total up to 18 in Season 8. This not only gives players another character to interact with on the map but also a new Punchcard questline to earn some XP. Wrath’s first Punchcard quest requires players to find a Recon Scanner, which is tougher than it seems at first glance.

The Recon Scanners were introduced in Season 7 of Fortnite as part of the IO/alien weapon storyline. While the aliens have left the island, a few of the IO Guards remain and have the Recon Scanners in their bases. To complete Wrath’s first quest, players must find and infiltrate these bases to collect a Recon Scanner. Below, they can find out exactly where the IO has gone in Season 8 of Fortnite.

Finding the Recon Scanner in Fortnite Season 8

Currently, the Recon Scanners are only found at IO bases. This means that players will need to know where they are in order to complete Wrath’s first quest, as players won’t be able to stumble on them in regular chests on the map.

Below, players can see the locations of all currently known IO bases in Fortnite Season 8.

IO Guards in Fortnite
The locations of all five IO outposts in Fortnite Season 8. | Provided by Epic Games

Once at an IO base, players must slip past the guards and search one of the legendary chests that are inside of the building. These chests aren’t guaranteed to drop a Recon Scanner, though, so players might need to search a few of the chests at various bases.

After they’ve found one, a notification will pop up on screen that the player has completed Wrath’s quest. Players are then free to return to Wrath and get their second quest for additional XP.

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