How to get a bonus Legendary loot box in Overwatch right now
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In Overwatch, loot boxes are the primary way to get cosmetic items like skins and sprays. Typically, you get loot boxes from playing, but you can also buy them from the shop. Right now there is a special deal going on where you can buy a legendary loot box along with five standard loot boxes for $5 USD.

What is a legendary loot box?

Each loot box in Overwatch contains four items of different rarity. The most basic loot box will have three common items and one rare, with a very small chance of containing an epic or legendary item. A legendary loot box guarantees at least one legendary item.

A legendary loot box can even give you an event skin, so if you’re hoping to land your favorite Halloween skin, you won’t need to wait a few weeks. Of course, there is still no guarantee that you will get the skin you want; like all loot boxes, it is up to luck.

How to get the deal

You can find the deal in the shop in Overwatch. Next to loot boxes, you should see “special offer”; go to the shop page and you will see the offer there. The offer goes throughout the entire Tracer Comic Challenge, from now until September 28.

If you want to guarantee that you will get the skin that you want, you are better off saving up currency to pay directly for it. You can get currency through opening loot boxes. Loot boxes will often contain currency chests and you can also get currency from getting duplicate items. The more boxes you open, the more currency you will get.

Be sure to check out the deal if there’s a legendary skin in Overwatch that you want to get. Be sure to also check out Tracer’s Comic Challenge while it is still active!