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If you’ve seen people running around in Valorant with little snowmen inside a glass ball as a Gun Buddy and you want one for yourself, you’re in luck. The Snowbro Gun Buddy is available for free to everyone and it isn’t exactly hard to get.

Here’s how and when you can get the exclusive limited-time Gun Buddy and how to get it on your gun.

Getting the Snowbro Gun Buddy

To get the Snowbro Gun Buddy in Valorant, all you need to do is play one complete round of the Snowball Fight mode by December 29. To do this, go to your play menu and select the Snowball Fight mode at the top of the screen.

Playing the mode is quite simple. You can choose any Agent you want, as you can’t use abilities anyway. You simply try to hit enemy players with snowballs. Each snowball is a one-hit kill and the first team to 50 kills wins. The game doesn’t take long and you get the Gun Buddy shortly afterward.

How to attach it to a weapon

Once you have the Snowbro Gun Buddy, you will need to attach it to a weapon if you want to display it. To do this, go to your collection and choose the gun you want to attach it to. On this screen, select “buddies” above the image of the gun. Here you can choose to assign a Gun Buddy to the gun.

You can assign each buddy to two different guns. So, be sure to attach the Snowbro to the two that you think it will look the best on.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get this Gun Buddy forever. If you want to get this for now or the future, be sure to get on Valorant and play a Snowball Fight match before December 29.