How to get free Hearthstone packs from DreamHack Beyond until July 31
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DreamHack has created an in-browser game for its event, DreamHack Beyond, which is free to access and gives players some free loot. In this example, here is how to get a free Hearthstone pack by playing this game and visiting a virtual event. The event started on July 24 and ends on July 31.

How to get into Beyond

Getting into Beyond itself can be a bit tricky. To start, if you simply search DreamHack Beyond online, it should give you a link to the game quickly. To get into the game, you need to get a free admission ticket on the website. If you go to the website and make an account through the game, it won’t let you enter due to your lack of admission. After making an account, go to the tickets section outside of the game to get your free ticket. As soon as that ticket is linked to your account, you’re good to go in the game. You can also get the ticket and make the account before entering the game.

Another quick tip is that this game has had small bugs due to the number of people logging in, so trying it out on a different web browser can fix some issues.

How to get the free Hearthstone pack daily

DreamHack, in conjunction with Hearthstone, is releasing free pack codes every day, available at a section called the Hearthstone Tavern. To get there, finish the tutorial, and when you get to the main area, the tavern is on the middle right of the area, just past the Rocket League stadium. Simply click on it to get into the area.

free pack Hearthstone DreamHack
The main area of DreamHack Beyond. | Provided by DreamHack

After doing that, you will enter the Hearthstone Tavern, filled with many other people getting these codes. There are limited packs released every day, but enough where they don’t disappear in an hour. If you go in-between the fireplace and the bar, there should be Gnimsh Packwixx, a goblin you can click on to talk to. If you answer his questions, by clicking all the dialogue options, he will give you the free pack. A good sign to see if it works is a pop-up that will appear on your screen after.

Hearthstone free pack Dreamhack
Gnimsh Packwixx dialogue. | Provided by DreamHack.

To get the code onto your, simply to go this link to check your offers from DreamHack. Your free pack should be there, and you can get the code there too. To redeem the code on your, simply go to the shop section and click the services tab where the redeem code option is to get that done.

The DreamHack event lasts until July 31, with free packs released every day. If players have any issues, here is the link to DreamHack’s Discord, where staff can help you get where you need.

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