How to get the Avenger medal in COD Mobile Season 6
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COD Mobile, like traditional Call of Duty, has a plethora of medals that players can earn. Whether it’s through Battle Royale, multiplayer or zombies, earning these medals grants players some extra XP. They’re also valuable to players who are trying to complete various challenges and quests in their respective seasons. One of the more confusing medals that COD Mobile requires players to earn is the Avenger Medal.

This guide will go over how players can earn this medal with ease in COD Mobile.

Earning the Avenger Medal in COD Mobile

This specific medal is earned when players kill an enemy player who recently eliminated a teammate. Players who are trying to earn an Avenger Medal need to kill this specific enemy rather quickly. If they wait too long, the kill won’t count toward the medal and players will need to find a new enemy to hunt down.

COD Mobile avenger medal
The Avenger Medal in COD Mobile. | Provided by Activision

The easiest way to earn multiple of these medals in a single match is to join a match on a small map. Preferably, players will hop in a match on Shipment, Nuketown or Rust, as those are among the smallest maps in COD Mobile. If those maps aren’t the player’s speed, they can go on Cage or even Shoot House. The size of the map allows players to run into the specific enemy needed for the medal more easily as finding enemies is not too much of a problem in close-quarter combat.

Once the player is on one of these maps, they can stick close to their teammates and wait for an enemy to kill them. After this happens, all the player needs to do is kill that enemy within a short amount of time. This will earn an Avenger Medal. The medal will pop up at the top of the screen, signaling the player earned it.

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