How to make donations to the War Effort for J.B. Chimpanski in Fortnite
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There’s a new way to earn XP from weekly challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 and it’s through Punchcard quests. These are given to players by each individual NPC on the map and reward varying levels of XP depending on how many quests players complete. One of the NPCs in Fortnite Season 8 is J.B. Chimpanski, who has some interesting quests for players, including making donations to the War Effort.

For players who missed the Fortnite Season 8 story trailer, there’s currently a war going on between the players and the new Cube Monsters. To help aid the characters of Fortnite, players need to make any donation they can to fight the new enemies. To find out where to make the donation, players can keep reading below.

Making donations to the War Effort for J.B. Chimpanski in Fortnite

First, players must find J.B. Chimpanski on the Season 8 map. The chimp character is located at the weather station in Fortnite, which is south of Catty Corner. Once players have found J.B., they can talk to him and receive the quest that requires making War Effort donations.

In order to complete this quest, players must find a War Effort donation box and throw in some Gold Bars. To receive Gold Bars, players can follow one of the following methods:

  • Completing NPC quests
  • Opening chests
  • Opening cash registers
  • Destroying ATM machines

After the player has a decent amount of Gold Bars, they can find one of the yellow donation boxes. One of the easiest to find is in Holly Hedges. This specific box is found at the southern part of the POI, next to a white house with a basketball hoop.

War Effort Donation box
One of the War Effort donation boxes in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

Players must interact with the box to transfer small donations to the War Effort. The more donations that players give, the more war items, like turrets, will be added to the map. This will likely be an ongoing story throughout Season 8. For this specific quest, though, players can return to J.B. Chimpanski after they’ve made a donation and this Punchcard quest is complete.

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