How to plant wiretaps at key locations for Fortnite Week 8 challenge
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The Week 8 Legendary and Epic Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 go live later this week. Epic Games has released them on Wednesday and Thursday in the past but the latter, July 29, is more likely. However, players got a peek at the Week 8 challenges thanks to the work of data-miners. For players that have looked already, they might have noticed one Legendary Quest that involves planting wiretaps at key locations.

For some, this challenge might be a bit confusing. But, veterans will recognize it as a simple find and place challenge. Planting wiretaps itself isn’t difficult, as Fortnite outlines the locations with a blue transparent outline. The tough part is finding those outlines across the map. Luckily, the locations of the outlines leaked early along with the Week 8 challenges.

Planting wiretaps at key locations in Fortnite

It seems that Epic Games wants Fortnite players to spy on someone, like the IO, in certain locations. This Week 8 challenge is a departure from previous weeks, where players were helping the aliens lay their eggs. It’s unclear how the wiretaps play into the storyline for Season 7 but, nevertheless, the task to plant the objects is set.

Below, players can see each location that needs a wiretap placed across the Fortnite island.

Plant wiretaps in Fortnite
The locations of each plant spot for the wiretaps in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

For this challenge, players only need to plant three wiretaps at key locations. This means players have five possible locations across the map to choose from. All five spots contain three wiretaps, so players don’t need to head to three separate spots. They can stay at whatever one they pick and find the three wiretaps that are located there. No matter whichever spot players pick, they can find the wiretaps outside of the buildings, mostly near fences or on the building walls.

After all three have been found and placed, this Week 8 challenge will be complete. Players will be then awarded 30,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass.

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