How to play Overwatch for free on the Nintendo Switch next week
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Next week, you will have the chance to try out Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch, assuming you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. From October 13 to October 20, the game will be free to play.

How to play Overwatch free on the Nintendo Switch

All you need to play Overwatch for free next week is a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Once you have both of these, you will be able to download the game from the Nintendo eShop for free once the free trial begins next week.

Playing Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch feels a lot different from other platforms. If you are familiar with playing on PC, or even the Xbox One X or the Playstation 4, don’t expect the same experience. Aside from the fact that the Nintendo Switch is far less powerful and doesn’t run the game quite as well, you can also play with motion controls.

Motion controls aren’t for everyone, but if you have a Switch and want to try them out, you can turn them on in the settings. To use motion controls, you tilt your controller (or the Switch itself if you are playing in handheld mode) to aim. You still move with the left thumbstick while doing this.

Overwatch was originally released in May of 2016 and came to the Switch in October of 2019. While the game certainly doesn’t run the best on Switch, it has other advantages. The Nintendo Switch offers Overwatch players a unique experience with motion controls. It also allows you to play on the go in handheld mode as long as you have a stable internet connection.

If you want to try it out for yourself, make sure to download the game and give it a go for free. Remember that all the progress you make during the free trial will also carry over if you end up buying the game!