How to play the Rise of the Sentinels game through the in-game client
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Along with the giant Rise of the Sentinels update and its overarching story across Riot Games titles, the developer also created an in-client story that players can traverse for free. In this story, players will step into the role of a rookie member of the Sentinels as they do missions and battle enemies from the Shadow Isles.

Rise of the Sentinels game
The Rise of the Sentinels map. | Provided by Riot Games

The Rise of the Sentinels in-client game is similar to previous in-game events. Players will load into the client and find the graphics that indicate where they can click to start the story, or exit out. Then, they can begin their quests with the different members of the Sentinels. This mode will offer a fresh mission, with new story and characters across multiple weeks in July after the patch drops.

New chapters will come weekly as players move through the story. Players can also complete in-game missions to progress through the game.

What Champions are in the Rise of the Sentinels game

So far, the champions involved with the Sentinels have been revealed in the event graphic and story stills. The graphic includes Vayne, Lucian, Gwen, Akshan and Senna. From the images released so far, Riven and Olaf will also be apart of the group and game in some way. They will most likely be required to join the Sentinels as the player and Sentinels battle against Viego in the cross-game event.

Rise of the Sentinels game
The Rise of the Sentinels recruitment scene. | Provided by Riot Games

As for the game’s mechanics and story, it looks to be a click-through game based on visual novels. Players will experience the story through the lens of the rookie Sentinel and learn about the group’s inner workings through dialogue.

The new in-client game releases on July 8 along with the rest of the Rise of the Sentinels patch and event.

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