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The M13 assault rifle is the newest weapon in Call of Duty Mobile that arrived with a Season 8 update earlier this month. In the update, the developers decided to add the M13 into an event called “Deadly Weaponry.” The seasonal event has players completing a set number of tasks in-game to unlock the M13 in multiplayer.

Season 8 also introduced the R9-0 shotgun but that weapon came at the season’s launch. COD Mobile decided to wait to release the M13, which might be better for fans of the weapon. Now, they don’t have to unlock the weapon through the Battle Pass. Instead, all they need to do is complete six challenges to add the M13 to their arsenal.

The M13 is a balanced assault rifle with a high fire rate, moderate damage range and little recoil. It’s a great weapon for any player, especially when equipped with its recommended loadout. Fans can find out exactly how to unlock it below.

Unlocking the M13 in COD Mobile

For starters, players can navigate to the Deadly Weaponry event tab in COD Mobile. Once there, players are able to see the seven different stages of the event. Each stage comes with its own challenge and reward(s). Players must complete every stage before unlocking the M13. If a player decides to skip the previous stages and only complete the M13’s challenge, they won’t be rewarded with the gun.

The full event stages and rewards are below:

Stage 1

  • Challenge: Play five MP matches
  • Rewards: Credits x300 and Battle Pass XP x1000

Stage 2

  • Challenge: Kill 15 enemies with any Assault Rifle
  • Rewards: Knife – Bullet Metal and Battle Pass XP x1000

Stage 3

  • Challenge: Kill 30 enemies with any AK-47
  • Rewards: Anniversary badge and Battle Pass XP x2000

Stage 4

  • Challenge: Kill 30 enemies with any assault rifle fitted with recommenced equipment
  • Rewards: LK24 – Bullet Metal and Battle Pass XP x2000

Stage 5

  • Challenge: Kill 30 enemies with any AK-47 equipped with any Magazine attachment and four other attachments
  • Rewards: Holger 26-Bullet Metal and Battle Pass XP x3000

Stage 6

  • Challenge: Kill 40 enemies with any assault rifle equipped with two stickers and any charm
  • Rewards: M13 assault rifle and Battle Pass XP x3000

Stage 7

  • Challenge: Win three matches with any M13 equipped with the Dragon Camo
  • Rewards: Tourmaline Alloy frame and Battle Pass XP x4000

Once players have completed the first six stages, they’ll unlock the M13 in COD Mobile. Additionally, they can complete one more stage to finish the Deadly Weaponry event and earn some extra Battle Pass XP.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.