How to unlock the Shrapnel Perk in COD Mobile Season 6
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COD Mobile has a slew of cosmetics, weapons and other Call of Duty-related items available to unlock. Any veteran of the series will instantly enjoy most, if not all, of what the game has to offer. However, the way that players unlock some of the items, weapons and other aspects of the game differs from the main series games. One such item is the Shrapnel perk, which many players have been wondering how to unlock in Season 6.

The Shrapnel perk allows Tier 3 players to possess more explosives and deal more damage with them. The perk was added in Season 8 of the game and, currently, is only unlockable through one method. This article will go over that method and how players can fully unlock the Shrapnel perk for themselves in COD Mobile.

Unlocking the Shrapnel Perk in COD Mobile

The only way for players to unlock Shrapnel in Season 6 is through COD Points. Through the in-game store, players can find the Shrapnel perk in the CP section. To fully unlock it, players must spend 2,000 CP, which is equivalent to $20. While this might disappoint some players, this is the only way to unlock many of COD Mobile’s aftermarket items. Even something like the Mythic weapons follows suit, only becoming available after players have dropped thousands of COD Points.

COD Mobile Shrapnel
The in-game model for the Shrapnel perk. | Provided by Activision

The official in-game description of shrapnel in COD Mobile reads, “Spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration.” As evident by the description, the perk is extremely powerful if players decide to wield some explosives. A frag or semtex grenade, or even a thermite, is even deadlier in the hands of someone with Shrapnel equipped.

If players decide to spend the necessary CP to buy Shrapnel, there are a couple of routes to go in terms of execution. The standard frag or semtex grenades are great options with Shrapnel. They’re some of the best explosives in the game, and having an extra doubles their power.

However, players might want to try out the thermite grenade first. This is something that not many COD Mobile players expect and can land double or triple kills if used in Domination or Hardpoint. With enough enemies on a flag or objective, two thermite grenades are enough to wipe them all out with one fell swoop.

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