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After hundreds of different skins, Riot Games is experiencing a creative roadblock. To fix this problem, they have announced the start of thematic skins voting. This new system allows players to vote on the theme for the next set of skins for League of Legends. Players interested in taking part can view the poll via the client starting January 8. Voting ends on January 19 at 11:59 PT.

How to vote

In order to reach the voting screen, you will need to click the “Enter” button underneath the Season 2021 cinematic video. It will then open a page with several option buttons on the bottom bar. In order to reach the polling page, you will need to click “Explore.” Then, click on the top right arrow presented on the next screen. It will bring you to a page with two options, “Choose a champion update” and “pick 2021 thematics.” Riot also embedded a Twitter feed, which is a new touch to their usual client look.

league of legends theme voting

Voting on a theme

Players have a choice to choose between three themes: Crime City Nightmare, Debonair 2.0, and Monster Tamers. Crime City Nightmare focuses on dark-themed skins and rival crews. Debonair 2.0 introduces high fashion, light-colored skins, and two rival clubs. Finally, Monster Tamers brings in creatures from Runeterra, domesticated by champions to take part in high-stake challenges. Players interested in finding out more can check out each theme by clicking “learn more.”

New skins and themes for champions

League of Legends currently has several different themes and sub-themes ever since the game’s launch in 2009. From Arclight to Battlecast, and the original Crime City and Debonair, developers have constantly looked towards player feedback for more ideas on what should come next. This year, they’re taking a more creative and accurate route, as players can finally decide which theme they want to see. Additionally, having a social media feed on the side allows everyone to say what’s on their mind.

Daily Esports will update readers as soon as the poll results kick-in. Until then, stay tuned for more League of Legends news and updates.