How to warn characters of impending doom for Fortnite Week 14 challenge
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The Week 14 Legendary Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 are set to go live tomorrow, Sept. 8. This is the final installment for the weekly challenges in Season 7. It’s also the last chance for players to grab any last-minute XP for their Battle Pass. Doctor Slone and the IO are preparing to rid the island of aliens, and players can help out through the Legendary Quests. One of the tasks that deals with this is warning characters of impending doom.

If rumors are correct, the Fortnite island will see a series of bombs go off in Operation Sky Fire. This is the codename for the finale event that will lead players into Season 8 on Sept. 12. Before that happens, though, players need to warn the characters of the island.

Warning characters of impending doom in Fortnite

This Legendary Quest is worth a whopping 45,000 XP in Fortnite. As it’s the highest amount of XP, many players will be trying to complete it when the quests go live on Wednesday. Players must talk to three different Fortnite NPCs. This doesn’t need to be finished in one match.

The location for each NPC in Fortnite is found below:

  1. Abstract: Northern part of Retail Row
  2. Guggimon: Northwest part of the island
  3. Sunny: Believer Beach on the boardwalk
  4. Bunker Jonesy: Southwest of Misty Meadows
  5. Bushranger: North of the Zero Point in the center of the island
  6. Dreamflower: Northeast of Holly Hedges
  7. Joey: West part of Dirty Docks
  8. Hayseed: Steel Farm, northeast of Corny Complex
  9. Marigold: Southeast part of Lazy Lake
  10. Maven: Satellite station between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks
  11. Rick Sanchez: Satellite station east of Weeping Woods
  12. Riot: On the bridge west of Misty Meadows
  13. Rook: Satellite station southwest of Dirty Docks
  14. Special Forces: Southeast of Lazy Lake at the bunker
  15. Swamp Stalker: South of Slurpy Swamp on the coast
  16. Doctor Slone: Roaming Corny Complex
  17. Kymera: Coral Castle
  18. Zig and Choppy: Southwest part of Zero Point
  19. Human Bill: Northeast part of Steamy Stacks
  20. Beast Boy: On the bridge east of Weeping Woods
  21. Clark Kent/Superman: The Orchard’s northernmost building
  22. Armored Batman Zero: Southeast part of Dirty Docks

When players have talked to three of these NPCs, this challenge will be complete. Players will then be awarded 45,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass.

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