How to watch the Pokémon Players Cup II Region and Global Finals
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It’s been a strange year for competitive Pokémon players as they have had to work around the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the competitive circuit is continuing online in the form of the Pokémon Players Cup II.

Here’s how you can watch the broadcast for the Region Finals and the Global Final of the tournament.

The Pokémon Players Cup II broadcasts

The first day of the Region Finals broadcast begins on Saturday, December 5, at 11:00 AM PT and goes until 7:00 PM PT. The second day of the Region Final will air on Sunday, December 6, at the same time.

The Global Finals will be a three-day event that begins on Friday, December 11, from 11:00 PT to 7:00 PM PT. The event will resume on Saturday, December 12, at the same time. It will conclude at the same time on Sunday, December 13.

Where to watch

There are two different channels you can watch the Pokémon Players Cup II on depending on which event you want to see. Here are the two different channels for the event.

Video game content on the first channel will include VGC battles from Pokémon Sword and Shield. The Pokémon TCG content will include the best Pokémon Trading Card Game players around the world competing online with their best decks.

As per the usual, the broadcasts will have commentators and analysis to help improve the viewing experience. Here are the talent teams:

VG commentators: Adam Dorricott, Rosemary Kelley, Lee Provost, Lou Cromie

Pokémon TCG commentators: Chip Richey, Jeremy Jallen, Joe Bernard, Ross Gilbert

Be sure to check out all the Pokémon Players Cup II events to see the best Pokémon, Trading Card decks, and of course, the best players in the world in action!