Hyper Roll changes coming to TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes
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With many players excited for all the new changes come to Teamfight Tactics in the huge mid-set update, a section of the player base may be asking if the Hyper Roll game mode is also receiving an update. Rest assured as Hyper Roll changes are also coming to TFT.

On top of all the new champions and traits coming into Hyper Roll in the update, some big system changes are also coming. Here is an in depth look at what to expect when players queue up for Hyper Roll in TFT set 5.5.

TFT Hyper Roll changes include more passive gold in the late game

When asked about what to expect from Hyper Roll in TFT set 5.5, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer the design lead for Teamfight Tactics said they are happy with where the game is at but are taking the opportunity to make the experience better in the mid-set update.

One thing that is on the list is giving players more agency in the late game. With the mode focusing on building very strong early game boards and spending a lot of initial gold, starting in patch 11.15, players can expect to see more passive gold in the late game to help make late game transitions easier.

Currently on the live server, passive gold caps at six once a player reaches level seven. But in the new update, players will receive eight gold each round at level seven and nine gold at levels eight and nine. These changes give players an extra shop reroll every single round in the late game.

The impact of the new Radiant mechanics

Armories have shaken up with shadow items disappearing, not only in the regular TFT game mode but Hyper Roll too. For starters, just like in the regular TFT game mode, in Hyper Roll players will have access to the one-time exclusive Radiant Armory. Currently this armory pops up at stage 5-2 in Hyper Roll.

Radiant Blessing also exists in Hyper Roll. Players will receive the blessing once they hit eight HP.

The Rank Reset

Just like in previous mid-set updates, ranks will be soft reset again in regular TFT as well as the new Hyper Roll game mode.

At the start of patch 11.15, players that have made it past Blue Tier will all have their rank reset to the bottom of Blue Tier. As for rewards, Riot is granting rewards based on peak Hyperoll tier instead of current. Which means if a player reached Hyper Tier but fell down to Purple, they will still receive rewards as if they were in Hyper Tier. These rewards are not yet done, but will come in patch 11.16

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