Infinity Ward has fixed Modern Warfare mini-map ahead of release
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One of the biggest complaints from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare open beta was the format of the mini-map. A staple in Call of Duty, Infinity Ward first removed it altogether, except when someone called in a UAV. This was immediately reverted, however, due to mass amounts of player feedback.

Once the mini-map was back permanently, albeit still abnormal, fans had another complaint. The mini-map in the Modern Warfare beta was zoomed in far more than it had been in previous years. This made it very difficult to navigate the map, and enemies whereabouts, effectively. Although, thanks to a leak from an early access player, Infinity Ward has changed this ahead of launch.

Modern Warfare mini-map undergoes another change

Since yesterday, fans with an early copy of Modern Warfare have been able to play offline multiplayer. The servers are still offline so they can’t play any online matches but can load up local play. While not the full multiplayer experience, players can see different maps, weapons, and play against bots.

One interesting leak from these play sessions is a screenshot courtesy of Reddit user Lumenprotoplasma, where we can see Infinity Ward has zoomed out the mini-map.

Radar has changed (zoomed out). Then and Now from modernwarfare

The image on the top is from the beta, and the one on the bottom is from the full release. As you can see, the release map is significantly zoomed out compared to the beta map. Now, you can get a better idea of where your teammates are in correlation to where you are on the map. Also, the enemy’s red dots will be easier to locate.

This comes as the result of major player feedback from the Modern Warfare beta. While this is nice to see, there are reports that that map still doesn’t show enemy red dots unless there is a UAV active. However, red dots do appear on the player’s compass at the top of the screen.

Modern Warfare mini-map
Someone with an early copy of Modern Warfare had this to say about the release version’s mini-map.

Leaks should keep pouring in as the days progress leading up to launch. If you want to avoid all of these leaks concerning multiplayer, try to stay away from social media as best as possible.

What do you think of this mini-map change? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.

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