Infinity Ward provides some updates on upcoming Modern Warfare content
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The amount of content updates in Modern Warfare thus far has been underwhelming to many. Infinity Ward hasn’t shown much initiative to improve their game up to this point, at least in the community’s eyes. Of course, there are tons of things going on behind the scenes that we have no idea about. However, Modern Warfare simply hasn’t been updated like previous Call of Duty titles, which is something fans aren’t used to.

Now, though, one Infinity Ward developer has shone some light on future updates, which should improve the quality of life greatly.

Extra Create A Class slots and new Operators coming soon

One thing fans have requested since launch are additional Create A Class slots. Modern Warfare released with only five loadouts, which isn’t abnormal. What is abnormal, though, is that you cannot unlock extra slots.

Previously, every time you would prestige, you unlocked one extra Create A Class loadout. In Modern Warfare, there is no prestiging system, so Infinity Ward just left the slots at five. This has been annoying fans for months, but it’s apparently being fixed within the month according to multiplayer designer Joe Cecot.

While we don’t have a set date, this is obviously great news for Modern Warfare and the community. Fans should expect to see this included in either the next update or the one after.

In addition to the Create A Class slots, Infinity Ward has also confirmed new Operators are on the way. However, these Operators will feature a more militaristic theme compared to the current Operators. Infinity Ward Art Director Joe Emslie had this to say on Reddit:

So, it appears the new Operators will move away from the arcade look and towards a military appearance. There’s no word on when these new Operators will arrive in Modern Warfare, unfortunately.

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