Is the Quickfix perk worth running in Modern Warfare?
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In years past, perks in Call of Duty have been the saving grace of many create-a-class loadouts. Perks like Sleight of Hand, Juggernaut, Toughness, and Dead Silence were the staples of many classes. However, in Modern Warfare, perks have taken a backseat. There simply aren’t many uses for the choices in each category. Though, like always, a few perks have dominated every multiplayer lobby. E.O.D., Ghost, Battle Hardened, and Double Time are by far the most popular. Although, a recent YouTube video shows that one more underrated perk should be added to that list: Quickfix.

A breakdown of Quickfix in Modern Warfare

Call of Duty YouTuber TheXlcusiveAce is the community’s foremost authority on in-game breakdowns. He goes in depth with his testing of each item he’s breaking down, providing a straightforward analysis.

In his most recent video, he details the Quickfix perk, which isn’t used very often in Modern Warfare. Essentially, Quickfix allows you to regenerate health quicker if you’re getting kills or playing the objective. While it sounds useful, many players feel it isn’t worth equipping over E.O.D. or Double Time.

However, TheXlcusiveAce shows that Quickfix should be considered when choosing your tier one perk.

To summarize, whenever you take damage in Modern Warfare, it takes around 6 seconds to start regenerating health. In addition, it takes another 1.4 seconds to get back to full health. So, if you’re damaged, you have to wait ~7.4 seconds before you’re fully healthy.

Although, with Quickfix, this time can be cut in half as long as you’re getting kills. XclusiveAce finds Quickfix reduces your healing time by half if you earn a kill while damaged. Playing the objective, like capturing a flag, also reduces this time.

Along with Quickfix, XlcusiveAce recommends using Stim Shot to maximize health regeneration. This makes it so you can also immediately start earning health back instead of waiting for 7 seconds.

Modern Warfare stim shot

In our opinion, Quickfix is certainly worth using if you’re playing a smaller map like Shoothouse. Though, playing a map like Euphrates Bridge makes Quickfix almost useless.

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Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.