T1 x BTS | Faker and friends to be featured on Run BTS
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Top Korean League of Legends organization T1 is collaborating with beloved K-Pop boy band BTS. The teaser was posted on November 2 through T1’s social media account, previewing what is likely a special appearance on BTS’ web series ‘Run BTS.’ The announcement has fans excited to see the three-time World Championship team, and superstar mid-laner Faker, collaborate with one of South Korea’s most popular music groups.

T1 x Run BTS

ARMY and T1 fans received an early Holiday surprise as T1’s Twitter channel notified them of a special feature coming to their screens. The most popular League of Legends Korea team is set to work together with universally beloved K-pop boy band BTS, and the trailer has everyone hyped.

T1’s official tweet features a caption asking “Ready to RUN?” Attached is a short video, showing a blurry animation of a soundwave with some voices in the background. Fans took this as an opportunity to guess what the collaboration is and what’s coming next. Even Team Liquid played along, asking, “Faker joining BTS?”

The surprise collaboration is T1 joining BTS on their long-running web series, ‘Run BTS.’ This show follows the seven-member boy band on crazy missions, challenges, and games. The band aired its first episode in 2015, and currently has 113 episodes to date.

Many commenters are assuming that this upcoming episode will feature Faker and the rest of T1 challenging BTS to a game of League of Legends. This may be no problem for BTS member Kim “Jin” Seok-jin, as he once said in a 2017 Yahoo Esports interview that he enjoys playing the game. Moreover, the band also stated their favorite team is T1, known as SKT T1 at the time.

The crossover between esports and K-Pop

This alliance between esports and K-Pop isn’t the first one of its kind. Riot Games has famously been working with K-Pop girl group (G)I-DLE on their various K/DA collaborations. Additionally, girl group BLACKPINK had an in-game project with PUBG Mobile that took place earlier this fall.

Fans can catch the new episode of ‘Run BTS’ today, November 3, at 7:00 AM ET on VLive or Weverse.