League champion Dr. Mundo receives a major rework in Patch 11.12
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Riot Games has announced that Dr. Mundo will receive a complete visual and gameplay update in League of Legends’ Patch 11.12, which is scheduled to release on June 9, 2021. In January, the game developers made it clear that Mundo’s rework was ongoing with production in full swing. After several months of waiting, League players finally get the chance to experience a brand new Dr. Mundo on the Rift.

Riot’s Gameplay Design Director, Mark Yetter, stated that the team gave Mundo a great upgrade but preserved the fun quirks of his kit and theme. Dr. Mundo is now available for preview in League’s public beta. The champion’s legacy skins will be available for players who want to purchase them. However, these skins will be limited to Patch 11.12 and 11.13.

What’s new about Dr. Mundo in Patch 11.12?

The visual and gameplay update to Dr. Mundo ranges from a new character model and animation to an improved kit. Riot describes this Dr. Mundo as “utterly mad, tragically homicidal and horrifyingly purple.” The lore further states that he established his practice in the empty ward that once treated him and began to mimic the highly unethical procedures he had undergone. The major change to Mundo’s gameplay is seen in his passive and W (Heart Zapper).

With the rework done on his passive, this new and improved Dr. Mundo simply goes wherever he pleases on the Rift. Dr. Mundo’s passive will allow him to resist the next immobilizing effect that hits him. This means that Mundo’s passive can cancel out opponents’ ultimate in some situations. The champion also has an increased health regeneration, which depends on his maximum health.

Furthermore, Dr. Mundo’s W will now allow him to acquire high levels of sustain in an engage. With his W, Mundo is electrocuted for a few seconds, dealing persistent magic damage to opponents nearby. He also stores a portion of damage that he takes as grey health. Dr. Mundo can recast his W for an early end to its effects.

Additionally, Mundo’s R (Maximum Dosage), which is his ultimate, will allow him to heal a portion of his maximum health over a long period while gaining movement attack and speed damage.

Dr. Mundo’s legacy skins in Patch 11.12

Aside from gameplay updates, Dr. Mundo will receive seven legacy skins available for a limited period. After League of Legends’ Patch 11.13, Dr. Mundo Legacy skins will no longer be available to players. The legacy skin prices range from 520 RP to 1820 RP. They include:

    • Mr Mundoverse (Legacy, 520 RP)
    • Toxic Dr Mundo (Legacy, 520 RP)
    • Executioner Mundo (Legacy,520 RP)
    • TPA Mundo (Legacy, 750 RP)
    • Mundo Mundo (Legacy, 975 RP)
    • Frozen Prince Mundo (Legacy, 1350 RP)
    • Corporate Mundo (Legendary, 1820 RP)

Dr. Mundo is among League’s first release champions. These major updates in Patch 11.12 come after a series of visual effect changes to multiple champions in the past few months.

Jimoh Rashidat is a freelance esports writer with over two years of experience. She covers FIFA, League of Legends and general gaming content.