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League of Legends is officially the most popular game again on Twitch over the last 365 day period. As Fortnite continues its fall, League of Legends has impressed time and time again. With Riot Games celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, this is just one more accolade to add to the list. 

League of Legends vs Fornite

There has been a lot of discussion about the two major games competing for the title of most popular. However, this discussion might be over, now that League of Legends currently holds all viewership records of the past year, according to Sullygnome. There are a lot of interesting stats to look at when comparing the two gaming giants. 

One such statistic is the number of hours of gameplay being streamed on Twitch. League of Legends had a grand total of 23,923,930 hours of content broadcast on Twitch over the last year. This amount of content was broadcast by a total of 891,891 broadcasters. In comparison, Fortnite streamers have broadcast a total of 77,102,025 hours of content during the last 365 days. This amount of content was broadcast by a grand total of 3,337,176 unique broadcasters. 

The success of Riot Games

While it may seem that Fortnite (should) would be the more popular game, the Fortnite audience watched a combined 1,108,043,428 hours of content broadcast on Twitch. Compare this with League of Legends, which had a total of 1,111,931,155 hours watched with less than a third of the broadcasters. 

One of the main reasons for this discrepancy is the overwhelming success of the competitive scene that Riot Games has set up. The tournament circuits of League of Legends bring a lot of new viewers to Twitch. An example of this was the success of the League of Legends world championship this year, which set multiple broadcasting records. 

As the streaming scene develops it will be interesting to see how the viewership of major esports titles will change. For more League of Legends content, be sure to check out our recent story about FlyQuest’s new mid laner.