League of Legends update sees major matchmaking improvements
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Riot Games announced in a blog post that the League of Legends Autofill and the Duo Parity systems have seen major improvements since the 10.4 patch. Mark Yetter, lead gameplay designer at League of Legends, discussed the changes in the last of the Gameplay Thoughts segments at the old forums.

The Autofill and Duo Parity systems were implemented so that players can queue into matches and not feel forced into a role they are unfamiliar with. Before the Autofill system released in 2016, getting players to fill the support role in a match was difficult at best. Once the Autofill Parity system released, many players found themselves forced into roles they did not want. In an Ask Riot segment from 2017, players who had picked the support role for their secondary role were getting placed in game up to 73% of the time.

Major improvements to the Autofill

Since then, Riot has been making strides to improve the Autofill feature. With the recent patch 10.4, Riot had tested this new newest version with very positive results. Before rolling out the changes in two test regions, Yetter reveals that 11.4% of games had an uneven autofill. Since then, that number has dropped to .97%. Yetter claims that the change almost completely removes mismatched autofill matches from the game.

The one downside to the system is that queue times did increase, but only by a few seconds. Yetter also states that the changes are rolling out worldwide, but he does not provide a date for when they will be completed.

Too many League of Legends duos

Yetter moves on to discuss Duo queues and how Riot’s new changes will improve League of Legends for everyone. Before the new Duo Parity system, 59% of games had an uneven number of Duos. Since patch 10.4, that number has dropped to 21%.

Yetter says that even though they want to get the number lower, two major things have prevented this. First, Riot saw much higher queue times, which was a cause for concern in matchmaking. Second, there was a spike in unfair match quality after the system released. Riot wants to monitor that situation before working on getting the percentages down. As such, the Duo Parity system will release once the Autofill Parity finishes its global release.

How do you feel about the improvements Riot is making to the game? Have you seen improvements to your matches since the 10.4 patch? For more updates on League of Legends and everything Riot is doing, make sure to follow Daily Esports.

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