Leaks say Overwatch's Tracer will be the next Smash Ultimate fighter
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The concept of Overwatch linking into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been rumored for a long time. Since the first fighters pass, people saw Blizzard link with Nintendo by adding their game to the Switch. Players expected the titular hero Tracer from Overwatch to be in Smash Ultimate earlier. But, it seems like after all this time, it is happening.

The leak

A leaker named Slayersfan has announced that Tracer will be the seventh DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate. This leaker said to have leaked two event skins in Overwatch, but leaks don’t always lead to truth.

A leaker saying that Tracer will be the next Smash fighter.

Slayersfan states how “I personally hate when many leakers…do these stupid vague hints or riddles so they can cover their butts. Not me…” and proceeds to explain in detail not only who is the next fighter, but even how she’ll be announced. The leaker claims she’ll be with most of the cast in Overwatch, and she’ll get the Smash envelope on her computer.

Does the leak ring true?

While the proof for this leaker’s credibility is simply revealing two skins early, this rumor has been around for a while. Jeff Kaplan himself even told IGN in an interview that he would be ecstatic for an Overwatch hero to be in Smash. Kaplan is the vice president at Blizzard and the game director for Overwatch, so this a possibility. To IGN, he stated, “To the Smash Brothers team, whatever character you want, we love them all. They’re all our babies, you can have any single one of them. We have 31 to choose from.” He also stated that Tracer in particular would be his first ballot. Considering she’s already crossed games before, such as in Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, it makes sense.

Tracer using her ultimate.

Fans of Smash Ultimate have been pondering about this last fighter for a while. That makes it seem like this leak might be the confirmation. However, as we know from the past, leaks don’t always mean confirmation. But with Overwatch League ending soon and Nintendo happy with Overwatch‘s success on the Switch, there might be a new hero amongst the classics in Smash.

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