Leaks suggest helicopters are coming soon in Fortnite Season 2
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At this point, helicopters are nearly 100% confirmed to be arriving in Fortnite Season 2. While there’s no official statement, the clues and leaks make it hard to believe otherwise. When Season 2 originally launched, we saw multiple images of helicopters flying across the island. However, when players booted up their first match, no choppers could be found. This is most likely due to Epic Games still working out the kinks with the vehicle. Although, according to some leaks, those kinks may be close to being fully resolved.

Fortnite may receive helicopters in next update

Yesterday, we received the newest update in Season 2 of Fortnite. Though we have no patch notes, we know that items like the Proximity Mine were introduced and even more weapons were leaked through the in-game files.

However, the weapons weren’t all that was found in the files. Multiple dataminers found more evidence that supports the helicopters arriving soon in Fortnite. One of the community’s top dataminers, @HYPEX, gives us the latest.

For more in-depth statistics about the vehicles, Fortnite source @FNBRHQ has us covered.

In the above tweet, the spawn rate for the Helicopters is listed at “0%.” This is simply because the vehicle isn’t in the game yet. Whenever it releases, we’ll get a more concrete number. Though, the rest of the stats look to be set in stone.

It seems like the helicopters will be far more effective against builds and structures than actual players. It’s too early to tell if this is a positive or negative trait. The infamous planes from Season 7 were a nightmare because of their ability to destroy builds and leave players helpless.

It’s safe to say the community doesn’t want another Season 7 situation on its hands. So, Epic Games needs to tread lightly with its newest vehicle.

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