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LEC week two is over, and there are a lot of talking points for League of Legends, with the major one being G2’s unrivaled dominance in the LEC. Their show of superiority in the four games played so far displays that they look to conquer Europe once again. The two-day game week saw some surprise wins, expected defeats, and also some teams going 0-4 after 4 games.

LEC day one: Misfits redemption

LEC week one for Misfits Gaming showed that the team was still in an offseason mode. Perhaps going 0-2 that week was what this team needed to wake up. Misfits won their first game of week two against SK Gaming. They had a much improved lane phase and the team looked more convincing in fights.

Meanwhile, Vitality continued their poor form with another defeat to G2 Esports. Martin “Wunder” Hansen was the only G2 player who did not go deathless in the series. G2’s Luka “Perkz” Perkovic continued his glorious return back to mid lane with seven kills and assists in the series. Vitality’s inability to match the level of League of Legends played by G2 saw them lose the game in just 23 minutes. Then Mad Lions lost to Excel with Excel’s mid laner, Young-min “Mickey” Son, running a whole show.

Another team that went 0-3 in Week 2 apart from Vitality was Schalke. A lot of fans have since forgotten the hype of Napoleon “Forg1ven”  Tzortziou’s return. All that is asked now is when exactly he is going to help them win a series. Fnatic crushed Schalke in an expected routine win. Only Schalke’s Erbrek “Gillius” Demir was able to register a kill for his team. Fnatic rounded up the series in just 21 minutes with four players going deathless. Origen claimed victory against Rogue, reducing the number of teams with a 100% win rate in the LEC to just two.

Day two: Things get Worse for Schalke, G2 breeze through Origen

Day two of the LEC kicked off with the G2 versus Origen game, which was the game of the week, as they were the only teams left with perfect records. Plus, Origen’s impressive start to the season had made it even more interesting. Before the game, G2’s head coach, Fabian “Grabbz” Lohmann, tweeted on how he did not think that Origen would perform against them.

The Origen side did nothing to prove him wrong as the Kings of Europe won the series with an 8,000+ gold lead. Perkz’s KDA for the season also went up to 42, and he had the most kills in the series. Rogue extended Vitality’s poor start to the Spring Split. They also picked up their third win with almost all players deathless.

Misfits continued to turn the script around as they took down Excel to complete week two with two needed wins. Mid laner Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten looked much better, and his carry game helped Misfits this week. Fnatic finished the week with two wins as they defeated SK Gaming. They also got a game where their mid laner, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, went deathless. Week two ended with a Mad Lions win against Schalke and an 0-4 for the Schalke roster.

LEC week two brought smiles to the faces of Misfits, Fnatic, G2, and some other teams. However, Vitality and Schalke seem to have formed a brothers-in-arms solidarity competition as both teams share the bottom spot. Week three sees G2 take on Fnatic and Rogue, and even though these two teams are not playing badly at the moment, the undisputed kings of Europe still remain favorites.

Jimoh Rashidat is a freelance esports writer with over two years of experience. She covers FIFA, League of Legends and general gaming content.