Legionnaire and Spellweavers to receive rework says lead TFT designer
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During an ask me anything live stream, Teamfight Tactics lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed plans to make the new TFT expansion even better. The two TFT traits in particular, Legionnaire and Spellweavers will receive a slight rework in the coming patches.

Mortdog mentioned that the development team doesn’t like where those two traits are at the moment. He mentioned that it’s the right time for a minor rework. In Patch 11.16, the Legionnaire trait will be getting tweaked to make the trait more appealing. The Spellweaver trait will be receiving a rework as well but nothing is set in stone at this point.

Legionnaire rework coming in TFT Patch 11.16

The Legionnaire trait as it is right now gives all units within the trait static attack speed and also life steal on the first auto attack after their spell casts. Mortdog stated that this is widely useless on a number of Legionnaire units. Kayle in particular was outlined as she doesn’t have a spell she casts. The current Legionnaire trait only benefits Kayle in the attack speed department. To make the trait feel better for the champions and the players, the trait is reworking the life steal portion. Instead of giving life steal after an ability cast, Legionnaires will now have a flat omnivamp that applies to all attacks and abilities they cast. These changes are already on the public beta environment for testing and are expected to arrive on Patch 11.16.

Spellweavers on the radar

Mortdog also mentioned that they are looking at a Spellweaver rework. The Spellweaver trait currently is an afterthought and is “boring” according to Mortdog. In an attempt to make the trait fun and also functional, Mortdog mentioned one direction they are leaning toward is to give Spellweavers mana regeneration after every spell cast. This effect is nearly identical to what the blue buff item currently does. Mortdog said he is on board with the idea but it’s dangerous. is reasoning is that giving certain Spellweaver’s mana refunds can create game states that are unhealthy. An example he gave was an infinitely casting Ziggs or Brand. However, he did mention that the idea would also make the Spellweaver emblem very fun to use. At the end of the discussion of the topic, Mortdog mentioned that players should expect a Spellweaver rework but not in time for Patch 11.16.

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