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The world’s most-played MOBA is now even more accessible globally as League of Legends: Wild Rift finally released for North American mobile devices on March 28. The game has only been out for a couple of days, but the community is already vibrant and abuzz. Sweetening the experience is the amount of free goodies and level up rewards new players have a chance to unlock.

Players just getting access to the game for the first time have been welcomed with a host of free champions, new icons and a long list of level up rewards. This post will quickly run down all of the various rewards that can be unlocked from Levels 1 through 40.

Rewards primer

Upon completing the Wild Rift tutorial, players are given the option to pick one of five free starting champions. Champions the player doesn’t select will become part of their early-level rewards.

Early unlocks will also give players access to various features throughout the game, new game modes and further customizations through the rune system. Later levels reward players with Blue Motes and Poro Coins. Blue Motes are the Wild Rift equivalent to Blue Essence in the original League of Legends and can be used to unlock new champions.

Poro Coins can be used in the aptly named Poro Store, where players can unlock all new Wild Rift-exclusive champion poses. The Poro Store also sells Poro Chests, which cost 200 Coins and contain plenty of new customizations and unlockables. These include custom recalls, baubles, icons, emotes, poses and more. The rarest of these drops are the custom recalls, which only have a 5% drop rate.

Check out the full list of missions and rewards below.

List of Wild Rift Level Rewards

1Jinx (Champion)
Garen (Champion)
Loadouts (Feature)
Spells (Feature)
Weekly Chests (Feature)
Standard missions (Feature)
Wild Rift (Game Mode)
2Ahri (Champion)
3Blitzcrank (Champion)
4Master Yi (Champion)
Fist rune set (includes “Electrocute” and “Aery” keystones)
5Ashe (Champion)
6Annie (Champion)
Second rune set (includes “Conqueror” and “Feet Footwork” keystones)
7Vi (Champion)
ARAM (Game Mode)
8Nasus (Champion)
Achievements (Feature)
Third rune set (includes “Grasp of the Undying” and “Aftershock” keystones)
9Lux (Champion)
10Janna (Champion)
Challenge missions (Feature)
Ranked (Queue)
Fourth rune set (includes “Font of Life” and “Kleptomancy” keystones)
11Party Finder (Feature)
1,475 Blue Motes
121,475 Blue Motes
131,475 Blue Motes
141,475 Blue Motes
15200 Poro Coins
16400 Blue Motes
17400 Blue Motes
18400 Blue Motes
19400 Blue Motes
20200 Poro Coins
21200 Blue Motes
22200 Blue Motes
23200 Blue Motes
24200 Blue Motes
25Blitz Pump (Emote)
50 Poro Coins
26100 Blue Motes
27100 Blue Motes
28100 Blue Motes
29100 Blue Motes
30Leveling Bauble Selection Chest
50 Poro Coins
31100 Blue Motes
32100 Blue Motes
33100 Blue Motes
34100 Blue Motes
35Buzzy Bee (Emote)
50 Poro Coins
36100 Blue Motes
37100 Blue Motes
38100 Blue Motes
39100 Blue Motes
40Well That’s It (Player Icon)
Crowning Achievement (Icon Border)
50 Poro Coins