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The Coven is once again unleashed in the League of Legends universe as Riot Games’ next event for the game is here. Just days after the Sentinels of Light event came to a close, the LoL Coven 2021 event has arrived and features all-new skins, tokens, milestone missions, free missions, rewards, loot boxes and a Prestige Edition Coven LeBlanc skin. This guide will go over all of that content and everything else now available through the new LoL Coven 2021 battle pass.

The LoL Coven 2021 event runs from Aug. 12, 4 p.m. ET through Sep. 14, 2:59 a.m. ET. During that time, players will be able to purchase the battle pass, complete missions and earn a host of various rewards. The full missions and rewards breakdown can be found below.

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LoL Coven 2021 Battle Pass price breakdown

Like all major League of Legends events over the past several years, Coven 2021 comes with its own battle pass that unlocks a plethora of premium content.

The LoL Coven 2021 pass can be found in the in-client store for 1,650 RP. Players that purchase the pass will immediately unlock four Coven 2021 loot orbs and 200 Coven 2021 event tokens. Players that purchase the pass will also get access to a bonus rewards mission line called Milestones. This list of 20 missions begins immediately upon purchase of the pass and comes with a whole trove of its own rewards.

Purchasing the LoL Coven 2021 pass will also give players access to token rewards after every matchmade game played, as well as big weekly win missions that reward large chunks of tokens. For a full breakdown of all these perks, as well as a complete list of the 20 milestone missions, keep scrolling!

LoL Coven 2021 Pass Bundle

LeBlanc mains and general skin collectors will find a second bundle in the store that may interest them. At a 2,650 RP price point, the LoL Coven 2021 Pass Bundle comes with everything in the original pass, as well as the new basic edition of the Coven LeBlanc skin and its matching loading screen border and player icon. As a bonus, players that don’t already own the LeBlanc champion will unlock her too.

While the bundle won’t interest most players, it is a significant bargain for players interested in the skin. At just a 1,000 RP cost upgrade, players receive a skin worth 1,350 RP, as well as a loading screen border and a player icon. The border and icon are a 250 token value.

Players that are undecided on if they want to purchase the larger bundle can purchase the basic pass first and unlock the bundle later with no added charge. The bundle will be reduced to the same 1,000 RP price difference once players own the pass.

Battle Pass Token Rewards

One of the best perks of unlocking any League of Legends event battle pass is the token reward system. After purchasing the LoL Coven 2021 pass, players will receive bonus Coven tokens after every single matchmade game throughout the course of the event. Both wins and losses award tokens and there is no limit to how many tokens can be farmed this way.

The following is a breakdown of the number of Coven tokens automatically paid out after each matchmade game.

Objective Reward
Win a game of Summoner’s Rift 10 tokens
Lose a game of Summoner’s Rift 5 tokens
Win a game of ARAM 6 tokens
Lose a game of ARAM 3 tokens
Win a game of One For All 6 tokens
Lose a game of One For All 3 tokens
Achieve a rank of 1 or 2 in TFT 8 tokens
Achieve a rank of 3 or 4 in TFT 6 tokens
Achieve a rank of 5 or 6 in TFT 4 tokens
Achieve a rank of 7 or 8 in TFT 2 tokens

Players that are active enough to farm 2,000 tokens during the event will have the option to unlock the all new Coven LeBlanc Prestige Edition skin. We’ve embedded the in-game preview of the skin below.

LoL Coven 2021 Milestone Missions List

As mentioned above, players that purchase the LoL Coven 2021 event pass will instantly unlock a line of 20 Milestone missions. These missions come one after the other and only require activity points to be completed.

Winning a game of Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, or the freshly returning One For All game mode rewards players with 5 activity points. Losing in any of those modes gives 2 activity points. Each milestone mission requires 15 activity points to be completed before the next one is unlocked.

Players that prefer sticking to Teamfight Tactics can complete milestone missions as well. A top four finish in TFT is treated as a win and gives 5 points. A bottom four finish in the mode is treated as a loss and gives 2 points towards the missions.

Mission Reward
Milestone 1 2021 Coven Pass Icon
Milestone 2 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 3 10 Win XP Boost
Milestone 4 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 5 “Hello There” Coven Evelynn Emote
Milestone 6 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 7 1500 Blue Essence
Milestone 8 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 9 “Look Into My Eyes” Coven Cassiopeia Emote
Milestone 10 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 11 “The Hunt Begins” Old Warwick Emote
Milestone 12 1500 Blue Essence
Milestone 13 500 Orange Essence
Milestone 14 Mystery Emote Permanent
Milestone 15 1 Gemstone
Milestone 16 Hextech Key
Milestone 17 1 Masterwork Chest
Milestone 18 750 Orange Essence
Milestone 19 Coven 2021 Orb
Milestone 20 1 Gemstone

The Coven 2021 orb rewarded in Milestone 19 is the same orb that players receive four of when purchasing the battle pass. Each orb contains a random skin shard, with a small chance at a gemstone, mythic skin or Coven Ashen Owl Bag. The Ashen Owl Bag drops at a 3.5% chance and contains additional skin shards.

Weekly Win Missions

Old God Warwick is one of the new skins available in the LoL Coven 2021 event.
Old God Warwick is one of the new skins released alongside the LoL Coven 2021 event. Art provided by Riot Games.

The biggest chunk of tokens available in the Coven 2021 event is in the four Weekly Win missions. Players that own the pass have these missions periodically unlocked throughout the month, with the first unlocking immediately.

Weekly Win missions use the exact same activity points system as the milestone missions listed above. This means that a win in any matchmade game or a top four finish in TFT rewards 5 points and a loss in any matchmade game or a bottom four TFT finish rewards 2 points.

While Weekly Win missions take significantly longer to complete, they don’t expire until the end of the event.

Mission Reward
Week 1 | Score 35 Points 230 tokens
Week 2 | Score 35 Points 230 tokens
Week 3 | Score 35 Points 230 tokens
Week 4 | Score 50 Points 310 tokens

Even though weekly missions and milestones use the same activity points system, they can be worked on at the same time. This usually means that if a player is active throughout the month, they’ll complete their weeklies alongside their milestone missions without any additional effort required.

For a more comprehensive overview of the event, check out the official Riot Games Coven 2021 blog.

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