LPL 2022 spring split Day 1 overreactions
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Let’s start this article off with a nice NON-overreaction: Welcome back to the best region and best league in the world: the League of Legends Pro League. Yes, let the salt flow. Come for the home of the 2021 World Champions, stay for the fiestas.

Like all overreaction articles, I only ever will use the one thing all reputable analysts use to determine the pure, objective truth: stats. Numbers don’t lie, so you can trust this article as gospel. Now, have some takes.

Oh My God have won LPL 2022 spring

Oh my god, really?

Well, yeah. They’re above FunPlus Phoenix and no one else got any wins. Everyone and their nan knows the first win determines the whole season. I don’t make the rules — it’s just how deep level analytics work.

Mid laner Lin “Creme” Jian ended Game 2 with a score of 10/1/2 on Corki — a champion everyone absolutely loves to see in every meta, and one that many agree takes incredible skill to shine on. Those are championship winning Kill/Death/Assist numbers.

As Frodo said at the end of Lord of the Rings: “It’s done, it’s finally over.” Sorry if it’s a spoiler, but he was actually talking about LPL 2022 spring split.

Doinb was the problem

There, I said it. Everyone kept saying Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang was the best player in the world during 2021. Ha! Did they watch the 2021 League of Legends World Championship? Clearly he was nowhere near as cracked and jacked as that. Social media exalted the wrong hero and results prove Doinb was the problem.

And today’s series proved that right. What’s that? Kim “Gori” Tae-woo played like he was boosted? Exactly my point. Where on God’s green earth will you find a player who can int the lane phase and still help his team win? In Silver.

Gori died in a Level 2 skirmish against Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao, a former top laner of all things, and yet FPX still won. Gori ended Game 3 with a KDA of 2/3/8  and FPX still won. They are both reputed as sub-par laners, but the difference is Gori actually wins.

Bow to your new mid lane king, because he’s not abdicating the throne anytime soon!

Xiaohu mid? Why not Xiaohu support?

RNG winning MSI 2021
See here? Xiaohu won the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational as a top laner. As a mid laner, he lost his first game. Doomed, I tell you. | Provided by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images

Xiaohu’s lane swap is clearly not working, and yes, one game is enough to tell. Xiaohu swapping to mid lane must be because it’s the Year of the Tiger. It must be! There’s just no other explanation why you would swap Xiaohu to mid. I mean, he’s only ever played top lane, right?

He has a positive KDA and generally played well? Yes, but he’s got a negative win rate. Checkmate.

He’s not getting any red packets for Chinese New Year unless he switches back to top lane or swaps to support. That way he can grief Chen “GALA” Wei and still blame Lethal Tempo.

The LPL is not bloody anymore

I was distraught, heartbroken watching the games on Monday. If China’s LPL is known throughout the world as a bloodbath, then how in the seven blue hells do you explain these games?

Take the FPX vs. RNG match: 12-8 in Game 1, 3-16 in Game 2 and 13-14 in Game 3, with all three games going past 30 minutes. What is this load of codswallop? Can you call this the LPL when scores are not 30-48 at 25 minutes?

Where is the bloodthirstiness, the “see hero, kill hero,” the sheer greed for total kills? Has the LPL become — egads — the LCK? Luckily the OMG vs. TT Gaming series’ Game 2 ended 22-8 in 23 minutes, so there’s hope yet for a 60 kills at 20 minutes game.

LPL will win Worlds 2022

EDward Gaming winning Worlds 2021
Remember this? Yeah well, prepare to see something similar again this year. | Provided by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Numbers don’t lie. The LPL started first in 2022, thus its teams get more practice. More practice means better teams and better teams tend to win Worlds. And who won Worlds last year? That’s just how it goes.

The League Championship Series and League of Legends European Championship start on Jan. 14. Have they won any World titles? I rest my case (Fnatic don’t count).

Remember to catch the LPL’s Day 2 matches tomorrow with JD Gaming vs Edward Gaming to start things off.