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Through all the big-name signings in the Overwatch League, some collegiate players get to say hello instead of goodbye. In this case, the Houston Outlaws have signed American main support player Enrique “Joobi” Triana, formerly of Second Wind and the HU Storm. After an infamously short time on Triumph, Joobi continued to improve and aim for the Overwatch League. After his time with Second Wind and his collegiate career with the HU Storm, Joobi caught the eyes of the Outlaws.

Joobi’s history

As mentioned, Joobi originally joined team Triumph but left after two months. This sparked an infamous meme involving his goodbye tweet, but that didn’t bring him down. He moved between teams such as Wave Check and Simplicity to Second Wind and the Maryville Saints. Impressively, during those team switches, Joobi managed to take his team to the semi-finals four times in a row. However, he grew as a player with Second Wind and Harrisburg University for the HU Storm. Joobi showed talent and flexibility, and the Outlaws decided to pick him up.

Outlaws almost complete

With the roster they currently have, the Outlaws look like a great team if they stay cohesive. They still have players like Tae-hong “MekO” Kim, who according to rumors across the league, still haven’t been officially released. Either way, with their new signings, Joobi fits the idea they’re going for. It would be a true Korean/English split, with the support line being all English. Alongside Crimzo, Joobi should be able to develop and learn how it is to play at this level. While Joobi is still only 17 years old, there is a chance that he will turn 18 before the league starts. Only time will tell if Joobi will start on the Outlaws roster for the 2021 season. Either way, it’s time to welcome him and see how he plays and potentially improves.

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