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Another Spitfire signing announced in the Overwatch League, another British Hurricane graduate. The London Spitfire have signed German main tank Hadi “Hadi” Bleinagel, formerly of the British Hurricane. This signing is the third one off of their contenders roster, and most likely not their last. But, when it comes to Hadi, it’s clear with his experience on the British Hurricane roster that there was no way they weren’t bringing him onto the Spitfire roster.

Hadi’s path to the Spitfire

After playing for many teams since mid-2018, Hadi grew to popularity from his Open Division time on HSL Esports. They didn’t win, but they surprised enough where most of their players moved onto better teams. This included Hadi, who after his performance for Germany at the World Cup, helped stand in for the British Hurricane. Turns out, the team liked him so much that they added him permanently on the roster. Finishing off that season, the Hurricane got eliminated in the semifinals, but they were improving fast. After some key additions and improvements from existing players, they went on a tear starting in December of 2019. They won the Breakable Barriers tournament of Open Division, but weren’t stopping there.

Hadi with Team Germany.
Hadi, fourth from the left, with Team Germany in 2019.

In the first 2020 EU season, the Hurricane won every single week leading up to the season end, which they also won. In fact, they didn’t lose a single game that season on their way to their title win. Of course, Hadi was a key factor in that team. For their second 2020 season, they decided to add some more talent. They continued their winning streak until November, where they lost to Obey Alliance. However, the Hurricane would sweep them in the Gauntlet afterwards. Besides losing a showmatch to American Tornado, for the year of 2020, the Hurricane only lost two tournaments. That is an insane year. It would be dumb for none of these players to join the pro league in 2021, and the Spitfire seemed to agree.

London promoting to success?

With this signing, we’re bound to see the rest of the Hurricane become Spitfire players within the next couple days. Kellex was just announced, along with Ripa and Fischer before that. But, we’ve seen this script before. An Overwatch League team’s contenders roster, who dominated their scene. Some players stayed in the organization, but some moved onto different teams. Of course, I’m talking about Fusion University, and for good reason. The Hurricane and Fusion Uni have a lot of similarities when it comes to dominance. But, we’ll have to wait and see if the Spitfire and Hadi can keep their success into the Overwatch League.

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