Mika Daime supported by Riot for Valorant Hacking controversy
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Facebook Gaming content creator Mika Daime has been accused of cheating recently by some professional Valorant players. However, it seems that Riot Games themselves have investigated her gameplay and are supporting her innocence. As a rising Valorant streamer, people were quick to judge, but Riot is just as quick to stop the rumors.

Firstly, Mika Daime has amassed a large following of over 135 thousand followers on Facebook Gaming. Her gameplay in Valorant has grown in popularity along with her. However, some clips of hers sparked cheating talks in the scene. For example, players Matthew “Wardell” Yu and Keven “PLAYER1” Champagne both accused her of hacking after watching her clips. They specifically accused her of using programs to see behind walls and aim better.

Riot comes to her aid

But, Riot Games recently backed Daime up on her innocence. Furthermore, a Riot developer stated:

Normally, we don’t want to add to the publicity of any individual case, but because this one’s getting a little out of hand: Mika is innocent. We’ve completed a thorough investigation of Mika’s gameplay, and while the clips might be suspicious individually, we’re confident that cheating software was not utilized for the accused sessions.

Even with the developer’s statement, questions still arose about the truth. The opinions of the community overall are split, as evidenced by the reddit post itself.

That said, however, since Riot Games’ protective anti-cheating system Vanguard has proven to be powerful, these accusations seem skeptical. However, since that time, PLAYER1 even responded to it all, admitting his mistake.

In conclusion, there have been cases of sketchy looking clips before that turn out to be not cheating. Small lucky plays or just visual bugs might confuse people to think that the player is cheating. Either way, Riot isn’t punishing Daime, no matter how much people don’t like it. The developer saw nothing wrong with it, so people should just move along.

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