Australia's biggest influencers came together for National Bandanna Day charity
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Fourteen of Australia’s biggest influencers came together last week. They participated in a charity stream to raise funds and awareness for Canteen’s National Bandanna Day. Your favourite content creators battled it out on They were fighting to secure a $10,000 AU donation on behalf of their team. All money raised during the event goes to Canteen Australia.

National Bandanna Day

Last Friday was National Bandanna Day. A day of raising awareness for teens and young adults suffering with cancer. Australia’s content creators came together in a fun way to raise money.

Two teams of seven are played the pixelated FPS game for charity. The winning team donated the money to Canteen as part of National Bandanna Day. Canteen is a not for profit providing support for young adults and adolescents who have been affected by cancer. Both physical and in-game items were available in purchase during the competition. All proceeds go directly to Canteen Australia.

The competition was fierce, but also fun. There were various game modes and each team secured wins, racked up points, and one claimed victory. The tournament featured talent from Misfits, including Fitz, Swaggersouls, Inotorious, Zuckles, Mau, and TobyontheTele. The Misfits crew were joined by streamer HeyimZed to form one team. The other team compromised of Australia’s amazing local talent. Fans tuned in to watch Loserfruit, Crayator, Berticuss, Aliythia, HeyimBee, Bordie, and Quack. Both teams played through the most popular map modes on their way to victory.

Throughout the gameplay, National Bandanna Day branding will be featured. Maps were also available to the public to play across the Halloween weekend. These are available for a limited time only. So if you’re a player be sure to sign on and play – yep they’re still available.

Rewatch all the action

If you want to relive this epic showdown, you can. Head over to your favorite streamers’ channel and rewatch the VODS. You can also participate in the charity fundraising by purchasing a physical bandanna. These are available from the Canteen website. Loserfruit and Crayator still have custom influencer bandannas available. These are limited edition, so get in before they’re gone. Remember, all proceeds from National Bandanna Day go towards helping those with cancer. During the stream more than $10,000 was raised for charity. Many custom influencer bandannas sold out already, so be sure to grab Loserfruit’s and Crayator’s before they disappear forever.

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