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Yesterday, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight open alpha went live a day in advance. Originally slated to start today, Friday, Aug. 23, Infinity Ward gave the community an early access look. Gunfight is Modern Warfare‘s new 2v2 mode that is not directly a part of multiplayer but uses elements from it.

The Gunfight open alpha has been out for over a day now, and the community reaction is mostly positive. However, the main complaint with the mode is it gets repetitive very quickly. Maybe that’s in part because it’s the same concept over and over again. Although, since there were only three maps in rotation, this amplified the repetition.

Well, Infinity Ward is changing that on the second day of the alpha as one of the final two maps, Docks, is now in-game.

Docks and Stack to play in Gunfight

After an update went live late Friday afternoon (eastern time), players found that four maps are now in rotation. The alpha going live a day early is seemingly why there were not four available in the first place.

Now that Infinity Ward is back on their timeline and Docks is added in, the final map, Stack, should be available tomorrow around the same time as Docks went live today. Infinity Ward most likely doesn’t want to overload their servers without being sure they are stable.

Docks is the first map we’ve seen in Gunfight that features standard verticality. While Pine and King have some stairs, Docks has two buildings with a staircase and windows. This makes it feel like a traditional Call of Duty map.

If you do end up playing on Docks, make sure to watch out as you spawn in. The enemy team spawns in directly ahead of you and can pick you off in a heartbeat. Using the two buildings to the side to your advantage is going to be your best bet.

Gunfight Modern Warfare
The Gunfight alpha will be the last taste of Modern Warfare until the Sept. 12 open beta.

The Gunfight open alpha is only available for PS4 users and runs until Aug. 25. However, Infinity Ward could extend that date seeing as they started the alpha early.

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