Modern Warfare: How to earn all 103 camos for each weapon
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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare servers are now live for those with an early copy or are in a specific region. The last region to gain access to Modern Warfare is North America, which goes live at 9 p.m. EST. Along with this, the content embargo has been lifted by Activision. This means that any influencer or streamer can release content regarding the game., so there is now a multitude of YouTube videos detailing every aspect of Modern Warfare. Particularly, there are more camos to unlock than ever before, so here’s a full breakdown on how you can earn each one.

What are the ways to earn camos in Modern Warfare?

In years past, there have traditionally been around 12 camos per weapon. Usually, you earn nine camos for completing headshot challenges then an additional three for mastery challenges. While this system was rewarding, many players want more to grind for.

Well, ask and you shall receive. In Modern Warfare, there are 103 camos per weapon. One hundred of these camos can be unlocked via completing weapon challenges and the other three by mastering a weapon or class.

Modern Warfare camos
An example of one of the camo categories within Modern Warfare. There are 10 camo categories. Credit to eColiEspresso on YouTube

Of the first 100 camos, there are 10 categories that contain 10 camos each. These categories offer 10 different camos patterns that can be unlocked through challenges. For example, one category requires you to get 100 kills while crouching. However, you unlock a new camo at different increments of those 100 kills.

Once you complete all 100 camo challenges, you earn Gold camo. If you earn gold for each weapon in a specific class, e.g., SMGs, then you unlock Diamond. After that, completing gold camo for each weapon in the game rewards you with Damascus camo.

Damascus is the equivalent of Dark Matter from last year. Although, we currently have no footage of Damascus seeing as no one has had the game long enough. Once someone does unlock it, we’ll be sure to update you!

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