Modern Warfare mini-map controversy splits Call of Duty community
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With every new Call of Duty title, there comes some controversy. Back in 2017, Infinite Warfare received the most dislikes on a gaming video in YouTube history due to its futuristic setting. Just last year, Black Ops 4 promised no Season Pass then went ahead and introduced a Season Pass. It’s a tradition like no other, as the Call of Duty community is never fully satisfied. This year, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a new controversy is brewing after rumors were proven true yesterday at the multiplayer premiere.

No mini-map in Modern Warfare

Thanks to some leaks, we heard about the possibility of Modern Warfare not having a constant mini-map in multiplayer. These leaks were of course proven to be accurate when we saw official gameplay yesterday at the multiplayer reveal.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare mini-map controversy
A screenshot of Modern Warfare with no Mini-Map
Modern Warfare Mini-Map
A screenshot of Modern Warfare with a UAV active

As soon as fans saw no mini-map, they went into panic mode. The outrage was at an all-time high, with many doubting Modern Warfare without having played a single match. However, it doesn’t bode well that several prominent YouTubers are calling for a reversal after playing for a mere two hours.

Trevor “TmarTn” Martin had this to say:

I absolutely despise, I hate, and I don’t like using that word, I hate the removal of the mini-map. I think that is a mistake, I do not like it.

YouTuber TheXclusiveAce said this in a review video:

I really dislike this design decision, and I hope they will consider making a change to this in the future based off player feedback.

Both of these YouTubers were flown out to an early access look at Modern Warfare a few days ago. They got their hands on the game early along with a plethora of other YouTubers. It seems like their point of view on the mini-map was also shared by the others in attendance.

How this affects gameplay

While Infinity Ward could very well change this mechanic after the open beta, it’s more likely they will stick with their original decision of no constant mini-map. However, almost everyone who has played the game would like to see this change.

Regardless, for the open beta, there will be no constant mini-map. So how does this affect gameplay? For starters, many early access players felt the lack of a mini-map slowed the game down tremendously.

The number one use for a mini-map is knowing where your teammates are located. This allows you to flank correctly and know where the enemy team is spawning. Not having access to that information causes chaos for both the player and the spawn system.

While you can earn both a Personal UAV (3 kills) and a Team UAV (4 kills), there won’t always be a UAV active. Without a mini-map, it becomes much harder to even earn a UAV due to a lack of map awareness.

Will Infinity Ward change their minds?

This is a change that didn’t need to be made. Infinity Ward claims they want Modern Warfare as realistic as possible, but that’s what Hardcore mode is for. Standard multiplayer needs a constant mini-map to help with flow and the pace at which the game is played.

So the question remains: Will Infinity Ward reverse this decision? It seems unlikely, but during the open beta, there will be tons of complaints from the community. Maybe this will be enough to tip the scale and force Infinity Ward’s hand.

What do you think about the mini-map controversy? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.