Modern Warfare player invents hilarious way to earn XP in Season 1
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The Call of Duty community has always thought out of the box. Whether it be creating maps like streamer DrDisrespect has done or finding creative methods to enjoy the game, the community is nearly unmatched. However, the latest gimmick a member of the community conjured up takes both the cake and the cherry on top. In order to gain XP for the Season 1 Battle Pass, this Modern Warfare player invented an ingenious method that makes things much easier.

Season 1 Battle Pass takes players to extreme levels

If you’ve played any of Modern Warfare Season 1, you might have noticed something wrong with the Battle Pass. While the rewards are fair and the price isn’t something gaudy, it takes an excruciating amount of time to rank up. Some players have cited that each individual tier takes up to 2 hours of play-time to earn.

This is obviously not fair to the average player who can only play for an hour each day. In order to rank up to tier 100, it would take nearly 8 days of play-time to do so at 2 hours per tier. Clearly, either something has glitched or Infinity Ward needs to change this.

However, for the time being, some players are resorting to alternate methods to rank up. In a Reddit post by u/WE_BE_KILLING_EM, we can see how far some fans will go to earn Season 1 XP.

A great way to unlock stuff for this season. wonder how much I will have in the morning from modernwarfare

The post got nearly 8,000 upvotes on the Modern Warfare subreddit in around 8 hours. However, the post has since been removed by the moderators. Clearly, they feel that this kind of playstyle goes against the terms of service set forth by the subreddit.

In any case, this further proves that Infinity Ward needs to do something about the Season 1 Battle Pass XP. If they don’t, we can expect to see more players use alternate methods like the one above to gain XP.

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