Modern Warfare player is killed four times in a single kill cam
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Shipment is a fan favorite map due to the amount of chaos that players experience. The map is present in many Call of Duty titles. These include Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: World War II, among others. So far in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the map has not disappointed in terms of memorable moments and hilarious clips. This includes unique moments in the final kill cam.

Four deaths in one kill cam

Recently, a clip was uploaded to the Modern Warfare Reddit page. The clip shows a moment where the mostly unpredictable Shipment spawns did not work in the player’s favor. A game of Domination is taking place and the enemy team takes the victory by a considerable amount of points. The play of the game shows an enemy player moving around the middle area of the map with a shotgun. That player gains numerous kills with the weapon. Unfortunately, four of these kills were on the same player, essentially leaving them spawn trapped.

I was killed 4 times in a single play of the game… from modernwarfare

Usually, seeing the play of the game at the end of a Modern Warfare match is a fun experience. It showcases players who achieve a high amount of points or kills in a short space of time. However, the player that uploaded this clip had to relive a brutal moment, with other players also watching.

Modern Warfare fans commented on the clip, recognizing the funny side of the situation. However, some players continued to express concerns for the spawns on the map. On Jan. 28, an update patch released where Shipment spawns experienced some tuning, aiming to reduce the amount of instant deaths and spawn traps. From the clip, players may argue that Shipment spawns still need to undergo some more work.

Let us know if you have experienced any memorable moments on Shipment! To keep up with further Call of Duty coverage, stay tuned with Daily Esports.