Modern Warfare player's 'dream patch notes' garners major attention
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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare community isn’t too thrilled with the game’s current direction. In fact, many are reporting they’ve stopped playing altogether until the game reaches an acceptable state. They might be waiting a while, however, as Infinity Ward doesn’t seem too keen on communicating with its fans. Instead, we keep receiving lackluster update after lackluster update with every passing week. However, one player has taken matters into their own hands, coming up with their dream patch notes. Composed of 13 fixes, the concept patch notes started a big discussion and proved Modern Warfare just needs a few changes to draw players back in.

Concept Modern Warfare patch notes go viral

The mini-map, skill-based matchmaking, and Dead Silence are the common topics of debate in the comment section of any Modern Warfare post. While those are the major fixes, there are many tiny details that could be tweaked and improve the game greatly. Credit goes to Reddit user rolandassassin and @impulsegrenades on Twitter for these “dream patch notes” that combine the most requested changes.

Every fix outlined in the post would improve Modern Warfare tenfold and wouldn’t cause too much of a rift for Infinity Ward to implement.

Though some are major changes, most are minor and wouldn’t take too much to add. Decreasing footstep volume, adding Vacant and Shipment, reworking Ghost, etc. could all be included in one update. However, some of the fixes would take longer. Still, if the community knew they were coming, players wouldn’t be as upset with Infinity Ward.

The actual likelihood of Infinity Ward implementing any of these changes is low. Maybe a few of the more minor fixes will receive attention, but the major ones are likely to stay as they currently are. Though, Infinity Ward could have a change of heart and revert some of their previous decisions.

What would you include in your dream patch notes? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.

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