Modern Warfare Ranked Play left in limbo after developer comment
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare feels as though it’s missing quite a few features that fans have grown accustomed to. This has been the consensus since day one, even with the many new mechanics the game has to offer. Although, perhaps the biggest of these missing features is a Ranked Play playlist. This mode has traditionally been for the competitive fans of Call of Duty, using the same rules as the professional league. In recent years, developers have slacked a bit with implementing it but have always done so at some point. Infinity Ward, however, has not made one mention of it since pre-release. That is, until yesterday.

Infinity Ward developer spells disaster for Ranked Play

Lack of communication from Infinity Ward has driven competitive fans especially crazy due to the strong desire for a Ranked Play mode. Previous developers have at least let fans know when the mode is expected to release. WWII waited a month to release its ranked playlist and Black Ops 4 held out for a few months. Though, in both cases, we knew what was happening.

For Modern Warfare, fans have no idea when the mode is coming or if one is even in development. Infinity Ward art director Joe Emslie also didn’t exactly shed any light on the subject when he responded to a question on Reddit.

The Reddit thread started out being about another missing feature from Modern Warfare. However, it slowly developed into a talk about Ranked Play, where Emslie replied he has no details on the matter.

This doesn’t exactly instill confidence for fans waiting for Ranked Play. If Infinity Ward keeps prolonging an announcement or reveal, it becomes less likely we’ll ever see Ranked Play in Modern Warfare.

It’s worth noting that some in the community are still playing Modern Warfare because of the belief that ranked will come along at some point. If it turns out there is no ranked mode, Infinity Ward will notice a drop in the player base.

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